Waterjet cutting nozzle, abrasiveA mixture of water and sand can cut through 30 cm of thick steel with high precision. The water jet cutting technology is one of the most modern cutting methods. Using water as a cutting tool was developed during the later part of the 20th century. Ronneby’s involvement early on contributed in establishing this technique in the industry.

The principle of water jet cutting is simple: pressurized water is passed through a nozzle. The pressure inside the nozzle is transformed into kinetic energy and comes out as a thin water jet with a velocity of 900m/s. This water jet can cut through the majority of “soft” materials.

In order to get a higher cutting force abrasive (sand) can be added. The water jet can then cut thick and hard materials (e.g. steel, glass, stone). This type of water jet is called abrasive water jet. The water jet technology is also used to remove surfaces, washing, marking or even milling.

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